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Carbon steel press fitting with EP coated

Viega Mega Press G with an HNBR sealing element is the first press fitting system for carbon steel pipe approved for use in gas and fuel oil applications.

Viega Mega Press G is ideal for industrial, commercial and residential applications and performs well in both new installations and retrofit projects. Tested to the strictest standards in North America, ViegaMegaPressG joins carbon steel pipe reliably through the engineered design of the fittings and a battery-powered press tool. Not approved for use with potable water.

Compatible pipe

• non- alloy steel Q195 Galvanised on the outside with EP coated,

• Hot dip galvanised on the outside and inside with EP coated.

• according to DIN EN 103053 VDI Regulation 2035 and DIN EN 12828

• Size from 12mm to 108mm

Main components

1. Steel Q235. Galvanised on the outside with EP coated

2. Peroxidically cured EPDM sealing element for water system HNBR for GAS system

Operating performance

• Operating temperature max. 110 °C / 230 °F

• Operating pressure max. 1.6 MPa (PN16) / 16 bar / 232 PSI

• LBP (Leak Before Press) system


• Heating

• Solar

• cooling

• sprinkler

• compressed air


Compatible tools:

• RIDGID (Viega)

• Klauk


• Novopress

• Rothenberger